How to Resize Your Remace Weighted Jump Rope

Jan 17, 2023

Sizing is essential to jumping rope with comfort and ease. Please use our size chart to determine which jump rope size is right for you. 

If after purchasing your ropes, they need to resized for any reason, please follow the instructions below. 

If you plan on sharing a single jump rope set with a friend or partner we recommend purchasing the rope size that’ll work best for whichever person in the pair is taller and cutting one of the ropes to fit the shorter person. 

Step One:

Decide on the length you’d like the rope to be. 

To figure out what length to cut your jump rope, stand up straight with your feet together and step on the center of the rope with one foot. The rope should come up to the middle of your chest, about armpit level, while holding the handles at opposing 90 degree angles. Any excess rope should be cut. 

Step Two:

Mark the rope where you’d like to cut it. We recommend cutting the rope in increments to avoid cutting it too short. 

Step Three:

Using the included Allen key, unscrew the two hex screws that are located at the end of each rope, then pull the rope out of the connector. 

Step Four:

Use a heavy duty wire cutter to cut your rope.

Step Five:

Insert the new rope into the connector.

Step Six:

Tighten the hex screws on each connector.

Step Seven:

Start Jumping!


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